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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

VA Hospital Abuse Images Go Viral: ‘He Was in so Much Pain’

VA Hospital Abuse Images Go Viral: ‘He Was in so Much Pain’


Few federal garbage fires burn as brightly as Veterans Affairs hospitals. The throughly dysfunctional way medical care is provided to U.S. veterans has been one of the few points of agreement among Democrats and Republicans in recent years. Fixing the broken system was one of President Donald Trump’s signature campaign promises.
The problem came into stark relief with a photo from a Veterans Affairs hospital in Durham, North Carolina that was shared on Facebook by Hanna McMenamin. Since it was posted Saturday, the image, and accompanying description, have been shared more than 110,000 times.
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Yesterday (2/24/17) while at the Durham, NC VA Hospital, my husband Stephen McMenamin and I witnessed some very disturbing events. The man in the wheelchair on the left, were waiting in that waiting room at least 3 hours. The man bent over grabbing the chair, was yelling in pain and was borderline convulsing and almost falling out of his chair he was in so much pain. No one paid him any attention until I approached a nurse to please check on him. This gentleman sat in the waiting room in extreme pain for hours upon hours with very little attention paid to him.
McMenamin accused staff of being callous and unresponsive to the man’s concerns.
See below to read the lengthy Facebook post:

McMenamin was unavailable for comment Tuesday, but in an update to her original post, said that the Department of Veterans Affairs had reached out to her and demanded she remove the post.

For their part, the VA reaffirmed their commitment to veterans.
“It is an honor to serve America’s heroes and actions that do not align with our core values will not be tolerated,” DeAnne Seekins, the director of the medical center said in a statement obtained by the Associated Press. “We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality care to the Veterans we serve and being responsive to our patient’s needs. Veterans deserve nothing less.”

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