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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Indonesia Muslim Hardliners Break Up Alleged Gay Sex Party

Indonesia Muslim Hardliners Break Up Alleged Gay Sex Party

About 50 members of a hardline Muslim group barged into an apartment in the Indonesian capital to break up what they said was a gay sex party, angering rights groups, and police said on Monday no one in the flat had done anything wrong.
The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community is largely accepted in urban areas of Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim-majority country, and being gay is not illegal, but there is growing concern among rights activists about intolerance.
South Jakarta police chief Iwan Setiawan said the 13 men in the apartment were questioned and released on Monday because there was no evidence they had broken any law at the weekend gathering.
Our Voice, a group supporting gay rights, said police should have detained the members of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) for breach of privacy.
"For a government agency to allow such thing to happen, it is terrifying. It is a warning for this nation," said Hartoyo, a director of Our Voice.
The FPI, which is also known for raiding bars and nightclubs, as well as helping prevent pop star Lady Gaga perform in the country, has vowed to continue such actions.
"The FPI since its birth has been and in the future will continue to fight to uphold what is good and to ban what is bad for society at all costs," Novel Bamukmin, the group's Jakarta secretary general, said.
The FPI backed a large rally on Nov. 4 against Jakarta's Christian governor, who is accused of insulting the Koran.
One person was killed and more than 100 were wounded when the protest, the biggest in the city in recent years, briefly turned violent.

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  1. One thing can, and must be done, and that is put this s-called Islam defending group, the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) on the international list of TERRORIST groups!

    When a group acts outside the law it must be fought and destroyed, like any other illegal and unlawful group, no exception whats so ever!

    The Indonesian government can do only one single thing, and that is putting this religious terrorist group on the International Terrorist List (ITL), so that anyone sympathizing with it can be arrested and be put on trial, and convicted to sentences according to terrorist laws!

    People who go along their business legally can not be limited in their legal freedom and liberties, and no organization is allowed to limit people's freedoms and liberties, when and as long as these people are within the legal frames of the law!

    Religious organizations disputing the right of certain groups of people to assemble are terrorists, and must be treated as such, as terrorists, collectively as well as individually!

    The moment a government or any other institution or authority accepts that a terrorist group terrorizes a certain group based on its religious doctrines, hat government, that institution and those individuals become complicit to religious terrorism, and must be treated as such, as terrorists, and locked out from any society, community and cooperation with them!

    The Indonesian government is complicit to the terrorists of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) when and were they do not act against them, and the Indonesian government mustl be treated as equals to the terrorists!

    The international world has the responsibility to stand up when certain groups of people are attacked for their sexual orientation, the international community already has failed in the matter of the homosexual individuals in Iran, were individuals are openly and publicly, in the presence of UN-representatives, murdered, tortured and thrown off buildings, for simply being homosexual!
    In Iran homosexuality is illegal, yes, in Indonesia homosexuality is NOT illegal and yet there is no action by the government against the raids, the harassment and the murders of homosexual people in Indonesia!
    The Indonesian government must act against the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), arrest the leaders, track down the ones who raided a private party (as described in the posted article) and arrest them, and bring them before an independent court of law, to put them on trial and convict them, according to Indonesian law, or be held responsible and accountable for all actions against the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and the international community!

    I call upon the secretary-general of the United Nations to openly condemn the acts of violence against religiously based actions, including the homosexual people, and take measures to ensure that the national governments uphold the national laws, and were national laws limit the freedom of people to express themselves, to urge the national governments to change such laws immediately!

    No individual should be harassed because of his or her sexual orientation, and everyone should be able to enjoy the freedom and liberty to organize private parties, none excluded!

    The Indonesian government must be aware that continuous accepting the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) against for instance the homosexual people of Indonesia will have repercussions, against
    the Indonesian government, economy and financial structure, as well exclusion from international co-operations, military, economically but also socially!