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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Berlin Cops: We May Have the Wrong Guy

Berlin Cops: We May Have the Wrong Guy

German police say the driver who rammed his truck into a crowded Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 people and injuring another nearly 50 on Monday, did so intentionally. Early Tuesday, Germany’s top security official indicated the suspect was from Pakistan and had applied for asylum, entering the country  this year—but Berlin’s police chief later said it was unclear if they had the right man in custody. He denied any involvement and reportedly had no blood on his clothes. Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was “shocked, shaken, and deeply saddened” by the news of the incident. The attacker reportedly sped the 18-wheeler through the wooden Christmas stalls for about 150 feet, crushing shoppers in his wake. “There is still a lot that we don’t know about this act with sufficient certainty,” Merkel told reporters. “But we must, as things stand, assume it was a terrorist attack.” Berlin police wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that investigators were “working on the assumption that the truck was intentionally driven into the crowd at the Christmas market on Breitscheidplatz.”

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