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Friday, December 2, 2016

Donald Trump’s supporters filed legal challenges to presidential election recounts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan

Donald Trump’s supporters filed legal challenges to presidential election recounts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan

Friday, December 2, 2016 1:06 PM EST

The attorney general of Michigan said in a court filing that a pending recount — initiated by Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate — would put the state’s voters at risk of “paying millions and potentially losing their voice in the Electoral College in the process.”
In Wisconsin, a lawsuit argued that the recount could “unjustifiably cast doubt” on Mr. Trump’s victory there.
And in Pennsyvania, lawyers for Mr. Trump and his allies are seeking to halt legal proceedings to contest the statewide election results.
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1 comment:

  1. Wait a sec........ lets re-read that part what is posted.........
    The followers of the President-elect are trying to prevent a recount because they fear the fact that he may have lost.......... when after the recount it turns out to be showing that the President-elect has NOT won the popular vote!

    When it turns out, from the recount, that then that the members of the Electoral College would not be "instructed" to vote for mister Trump.
    The followers attempt to prevent such recount (in fact a check to find out if the count of votes was done correctly) to go ahead because they fear the fact that their candidate has lost....

    Isn't that obstruction of democracy?
    When there IS doubt about an outcome of an election, for whatever reason, the democratic process allows the recount of the votes done, as far as I know it even prescribes a recount, orders a recount when there is doubt!
    Preventing a recount would imply that when the doubt remains, mister Trump would during his reign always be under the presumption of having frauded, that something went wrong in the counting of the votes, and or that his Presidency would be based on a false and thus wrong outcome of the elections!

    Yes, the followers of mister Trump may be convinced of his victory, others are not, obviously, as otherwise there would not have been a request for a recount of votes!

    Obstructing a recount of votes, based on what is described in the posting as fear for casting doubt on mister Trumps victory, means that the followers of mister Trump are in fact knowing they have lost the election, and are ready and willing to go to the most undemocratic extremes to prevent exposing their loss!

    As said, the moment these followers are successful in their attempt of preventing a recount of the votes in the Presidential election, the position of mister Trump becomes impossible!

    No one, including the followers of mister Trump, will then acknowledge the legality of his Presidency, because there will always be a doubt on and about the numbers of the election that made him President!

    Nationally and internationally mister Trump would be questioned about his Presidency, and it is even possible that a country doesn't accept him as President, it would even be legal to as an American to question legally his Presidency!
    When so, the decisions by and through the Trump administration would be void and of no value whatsoever!

    This would split the nation, divide the whole nation, and would cause a state of anarchy, of revolution between the people!
    When that is the goal of the followers of mister Trump, out of fear they have been defeated and subject to the subsequent consequences, they are on a good path!

    The purpose and goal though an not be anything else then showing their disrespect of and for the democratic values and norms of America, the Constitution and above all, the People, the American People!

    It shows already that the followers of mister Trump are morons, stupids, and un-Americans!