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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gunman Dead After Swiss Mosque Attack

Gunman Dead After Swiss Mosque Attack

The gunman who stormed an Islamic center in central Zurich on Monday was found dead less than 300 yards away, police said Tuesday. The man reportedly opened fire on people praying, leaving three men injured. No details on the victims’ injuries have been released, though police said two of the victims were seriously injured. Police have identified the suspect but have not released his information. The victims have been identified only as Somali men aged 30, 35, and 56. Witnesses at the scene were cited by Reuters as saying the center was often used as a mosque by Somalis. Officials have not released a possible motive for the attack. “We never once had a problem,” said Abukar Abshirow, a Somali who says he regularly worshipped at the center. “We never had anyone come and say, ‘Why are you here?’ We never had that.”

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